Return Of The Living Dead Rave To The Grave (2005) [1080p] [BluRay] [5 1] [YTS Mx]

Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave


IMDB information:

Title: Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005)
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Description: While illegally selling one canister of Trioxyin-5, Charlie Garrison is murdered by a zombie. His nephew Julian Garrison finds two canisters hidden in the attic of his house with his girlfriend Jenny and they ask their friend Cody to analyze and research the chemical product. Cody finds that the composition of the product is very similar to ecstasy and he processes the chemical, making a large quantity of a drug that he called "Z" to make money. Using the services of the local drug dealer, they sell "Z" in the college campus. In the Halloween, the DJ and Jenny’s brother Jeremy organizes a rave party. Meanwhile, Julian, Jenny and Cody disclose that the drug transform the users in zombies, and with the support of two weird agents, they try to stop the distribution of "Z".
Actors: Peter Coyote, Aimee-Lynn Chadwick, Cory Hardrict
Writer: William Butler, Aaron Strongoni
Director: Ellory Elkayem
Rating: 3.3
Rated: R
Languages: English


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